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Lazio Rome Villa Rentals

Lazio & Rome Villa Rentals

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, so please allow the time to properly experience all of this ancient cities charm as well as that of Vatican City when you stay in an Italy villa rental in Lazio. There are two obvious reasons why people travel to Lazio; Rome and Vatican City. Rome is the capital of Lazio, also known as "The Eternal City,' and is its major tourist destination. Rome has achieved this for the unique traditions, panoramic views, and breathtaking fountains and sculptures as well as the fact that this ancient city is full of rich history everywhere you look.

Many museums like Musei Capitolini, the Vatican Museum, Galleria Borghese, and many others are dedicated to modern and contemporary art and speak of the history that was once Rome. The newest addition to Rome's arts foundation is a contemporary art and architecture gallery known as MAXXI-National Museum of the 21st Century Arts. It features a campus dedicated to culture, experimental research, and international exchange.

The palaces, churches, monuments, and ancient ruins are just some of the sights you will see when touring around Rome, a beautiful, historic place for your luxury villa rental in Italy. For a city known for power, religion and having been the centre of one of the globe's greatest civilizations ever, Rome has exerted itself into world culture in its years of existence.

Some places that welcome the most tourists are the Colosseum, and the Vatican Museums, listed as number 39th and 37th on the most popular places to visit in the world. However, please keep in mind that in August many of Rome's resident's close-up shop and go on their own vacations. The temperature within the city at this time is sometimes unbearable, so don't be surprised if you see a sign on boutiques and restaurants saying "chiuso per ferie," meaning closed for holidays. At the same time, if you are looking for streets that are less crowded and enjoy the heat, then visiting Rome in August is a perfect time. You will find it easy to find somewhere to eat and stay as some owners take advantage of their competition closing up their shops.

Lazio Rome Inside Scoop

Lazio Villas

There is so much to see and do in Rome, that it is difficult to sum up in few words. Instead, here we've listed a handful of the must-see sites in no particular order:

The Vatican - It will take a full day to see the Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. In Vatican City the Sistine Chapel is the most popular place to visit, but make sure you save all your energy to climb all those stairs, as there are usually long line-ups to the elevator. (Insider tip: Visitors with guides can skip the long line.)

Trevi Fountain - Toss a coin into the fountain to ensure your return to the eternal city. (Insider tip: Go at night to see the gorgeous fountain lit up!)

Piazza Navona - The best spot to people-watch. Locals have made this a highly popular meeting point. Grab a coffee on the piazza, grab a seat on one of the benches and enjoy the view.

The Palatine Hill/Coliseum/Roman Forum - Rent an audio guide and stroll through the interiors of the Coliseum. Break for lunch and then head to the Palatine Hill, home to Roman emperors and aristocrats. End the day with a walk through the temple ruin and arches of the Roman Forum.

The Pantheon - Revel in the architecture of the best preserved building of Ancient Rome. (Insider tip: This area is popular for its nightlife.)

Campo dei Fiori - A lively area with marketplace and flower vendors. This is a great spot to visit in the morning to start your day. From here stroll across the Tiber River and then head to the Jewish Ghetto for lunch.

Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo - From Piazza del Popolo, take Via del Corso for some shopping then turn on Via dei Condotti to reach the Spanish Steps.

The Catacombs - Take the bus to reach the largest of the Roman Catacombs, San Callisto. (Insider tip: Rent a bike in this area and take a ride along the ancient road to see other churches, monuments and tombs.)

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Lazio & Rome Villas

You don't really have to have a fixed itinerary when planning a couple of days in Rome (if you are going for the day then it is best to plan where you want to visit and what's most important to see, check out our "Inside Scoop' for the best places in Rome). Wandering the cobblestone streets you can escape the major hustle and bustle of tourists, see rooftop gardens and sculptures everywhere you turn. The architecture on some of the buildings and houses, the archways specifically, are amazing. If you do peek inside you can see some oak beamed ceilings that are breathtaking.

Although there aren't many places to see views of the whole city of Rome, there are the original seven-hills of Rome to go to and catch a glimpse of this ancient city. The most popular places are from the Janiculum hill overlooking Trastevere and the Pincio where you will see the Vatican.

If you are in Rome during mid-September make sure you are there to be a part of Notte Bianca (White Night). There are different artistic events including stage music, dance, and theatre events throughout the city until dawn. Most shops, restaurants, and museums stay open longer to accommodate for the large crowds that Notte Bianca draws in every year.

If you ever find yourself looking for something to do when in Rome pick up a copy of the La Republica, a newspaper published every Thursday with an insert called TrovaRoma. With a few pages published in English, it is easy to decipher the Italian of what's going on in and around Rome.

Lazio & Rome Travel Info


Fly to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) which is serviced by international airlines from the United States and Europe.

Check the following link for information on flights: www.kayak.com

Passport and Visa Requirements

We recommend you travel with a passport. A visa is not required for those planning to visit for a few of weeks. If your stay exceeds 90 days then applying for a visa is required which you can do at any police station while you are there.


Euro. Credit cards are accepted at most reputable establishments. Travellers cheques are accepted in major Italian cities and tourists areas and the rate of exchange is calculated on the daily rate of exchange.


Italian is spoken throughout Lazio. English is spoken at most hotels, shops, aboard most ships, trains, and tour busses. Italians are the most pleased when foreigners attempt to speak their language even if it's only a small phrase or a few words.


The average temperature in the winter months is 12 degrees Celsius with lows of 3 degrees Celsius. In the summer months during July and August, the average temperatures range from 18 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Local Information

Time Zones
Time zones: Central European Time, six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Daylight savings time is observed from March to September.

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