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Amalfi Coast and Capri Island Villa Rentals

Amalfi Villa Rentals

The Amalfi coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Campania region, in Southern Italy. As a very popular tourist destination for Italy villa rentals we offer a wide selection of villas located between the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island. While we have all seen the Amalfi coast featured as a back drop in many Hollywood films and in photographs, you will not know the Amalfi Coast until you have smelled the saltiness of the sea, the citrus of the lemons, and tasted the local cuisine. These are all aspects of the region that you will remember for years to come and want to return to again and again. Since the area is a known for its fragrant lemons, it's no wonder that the liqueur limoncello has become so popular here and around the world. These lemons are grown in terraced gardens along the entire coast between February and October.

There is so much more to do on the Amalfi Coast than just sunbathing, although that is the main reason many tourists flock here. Amalfi was once a prosperous maritime city-state and it is rich in history. Take a historic walking tour on the Path of the Gods, which is one of the most popular hikes to do on the coast. If you are ever looking for something different and haven't planned anything specific, you can stop in at the local tourist office and they will have plenty of suggestions to keep you busy between sun tanning sessions on the beach.

Capri is also a very famous tourist destination for foreigners and locals. Located in the Bay of Naples, Capri Island has been coveted since Caesar Augustus purchased it in 29 B.C. It has steep walled harbours filled with a vast array of yachts. La Piazzetta is Capri's main square and is always lively and active. Shop along Via Camerelle where you will find boutiques actually built into Roman walls. Take the time to stop and have a cappuccino with a cornetto at Bar Tiberio or a Campari at the bar of the Quisisana Hotel.

Amalfi & Capri Island Inside Scoop

Amalfi Villas

Capri Island: Take a stroll on Via Krupp, one of the world's most beautiful pathways that corkscrews down to the beaches below. Or rent a Riva (an Italian motorboat) or one of the typical capresi boats (gozzi) and head to the Faraglioni, where monolithic rocks rise from the sea.

Indulge in an excursion to the Blue Grotto (better during off hours). En route you'll pass spectacular cliffside villas until you reach a keyhole between the rocks. Here you transfer to a small skiff to enter the magical grotto with its otherworldly shades of blue.

Visit Mount Solaro, the highest place in the island (589 meters above sea level), which is 12 minutes by chairlift from Piazza Vittoria or about 1 hour on foot. If you want to glimpse Capri in all its natural glory, Mount Solaro is an absolute must. Seemingly untouched by time, this peaceful corner offers refuge from the crowds of jostling tourists. Considering that Capri is a mere four miles in length, it is rich with historical sites. Tour the Villa San Michele in Anacapri, a museum with a splendid mosaic floor and filled with Roman artifacts. Most spectacular of all are the Gardens of Caesar Augustus. Be sure to walk along ancient footpaths above the sea-one can't help but be swept up by the soul of Capri.

Amalfi Coast Highlights

Amalfi Coast Italy Villas

Take a scenic drive along the coastal road, SS-45, known for its hairpin bends and amazing views. You can take it to visit some of the most notable towns and villages like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello.

Amalfi is a very popular day-trip destination for those vacationing along the Amalfi Coast. Full of ceramic shops, hidden alleyways, and beachside restaurants, there is something for everyone in this picturesque hillside town. Although there isn't as many historical buildings to sight see since most of the old city slid into the sea during an earthquake in 1343. But aside from its horrific past, Amalfi's beautiful seaside setting makes for the perfect afternoon to aimless wandering.

Sitting high above Amalfi is the hillside town of Ravello. More than just a day-trip is needed to experience this refined, polished, and romantic town. An overnight stay is definitely recommended for this town.

Positano is known as the coast's most photogenic and expensive town. The steeply stacked houses are peach, pink and terracotta colours and the vertical streets (some even staircases) are lined with shop displays, jewellery stalls, luxury hotels, and high end restaurants.

Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Info


Fly to Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP) which is located about 7.5 kilometers north of the center of Naples and is serviced by international airlines from the United States and Europe.

Check the following link for information on flights: www.kayak.com

Passport and Visa Requirements

We recommend you travel with a passport. A visa is not required if you plan to visit for a few weeks. If your stay exceeds 90 days then a visa is required. You apply for a visa at any police station while you are there.


Euro. Credit cards are accepted at most reputable establishments. Travellers cheques are accepted in major Italian cities and tourists areas and the rate of exchange is calculated on the daily rate of exchange.


Language is Italian, however English is spoken at most hotels, shops, aboard most ships, trains and tour busses. Italians are the most pleased when foreigners attempt to speak their language even if it's only a small phrase or a few words.


Temperatures in the summer months range from 30 degrees Celsius to a low of 15 degrees Celsius. In the winter the highest temperatures are from 15 degrees Celsius to a low of 5 degrees Celsius.

Local Information

Time zones: Central European Time, six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Daylight savings time is observed from March to September.

Driving information: Be cautious of Amalfi's cathedral-facing square, although it may look pedestrian only, it is not. Remember not everyone here is on vacation, and most locals have cars or scooters so be careful when walking the cobbled streets.

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